Flexible OLED displays, specifically Samsung's Youm


A little over a year ago, Samsung announced flexible OLED displays which they gave the name "Youm". These displays have a plastic fabrication, so they can be curved and are bendable. Because of this, they are more durable, as well as lighter, and because they are OLEDs, they do not need a back-light. These displays are likely to be shatterproof, with malfunctions from dropping the display only being credited to a likely disconnection of a component.


Flexible displays allow for more use of the surface area of a device, as well as being able to withstand more shock force than standard flat panel (and curved) glass displays. Devices such as smartwatches and large display TVs also greatly benefit from this technology. However, some critics believe that the prototypes being shown by Samsung will never actually reach the end-user in terms of flexibility.

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