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4G Technology4G Technology is the cutting edge of wireless data. Today it just making its way to the US market but true 4G technology is a long way off.

The 4G that we know today is actually what its developers are calling 4G-LTE or Long Term Evolution. The 4G that we know today as defined by the International Mobile Telecommunications agency is truly only 3G speeds but the developers coined the term 4G-LTE so that this intermediary technology would be known as 4G.

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How it Works

4G Technology simplifies the current cellular system. The current system 3G needs to different communication protocols, one for voice and one for data. 4G takes voice and uses a VOIP or, Voice Over Internet Protocol, system to transfer voice. Hence eliminating the need for the separate protocol's.This allows the system to be more simplistic.

4G also works on a lower frequency than previous cell networks. This means that the literal waves that the phone transmission emit are larger allowing them to go significantly greater distances and are much less susceptible to things in their way such as walls.