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Topic: 8 Tracks- Handcrafted Internet Radio

8tracks or also known as multi-tracking is a handcrafted internet radio. It offers a simple way for people to share and discover music through an online mix, a short playlist containing at least 8 tracks. On 8tracks, people can do two things: listen to a mix, or create a mix. Listeners can search for a mix by artist or genre, stream it in a legal, radio-style manner, and follow others who make compelling mixes. DJs upload MP3s or AACs to craft a playlist, add context with description and art, and publish their mix on 8tracks.com and a personal webpage.

Features and Applications:

8tracks features many different playlist options such as "best of 2012", study, workout, pop, rock, country, happy, dance, etc. When choosing a specific genre or "mood", one will find that only songs related specifically to that topic will stream live through the internet. Along side this simple and easy to use application, 8tracks has three different groupings of playlists titled, "trending", "newest", and "featured." These playlists display what is new and up and coming within 8tracks, as well as what is popular and what tunes the users are drawing attention to. Like most services, 8tracks has a mobile app for iPhone and Android, allowing consumers to listen to their favorite mixes at any place and time.

Like Pandora, this site can be used for free to create playlists and stations or you can purchase 8tracks plus. At a rate of $25 for 6 months, you as a listener, will have no ads while listening to your playlists. If you are a DJ using 8tracks plus, you will be able to have your mixes play right after each other, an 8+ icon on your profile, and other features that will be revealed later in the year.

8tracks also allows you to upload your own tracks on your playlist and embed the 8tracks player onto your personal website (i.e.: Tumblr, Wordpress, any blog/personal site). Additional features include being able to make your playlists public or private and has a NSFW (Not Safe For Work) function where you can have playlists with more adult content or have your profile filter out content with a tag of NSFW.

8tracks is also available to put on your iPhone as an application. It is an easy way to discover new music on the go: you can like mixes and star individual tracks. Sense its an iPhone app you can buy any track with just an easy button on your phone. The Mix Feed gives you a stream of all your favorite users’ tracks, and you can search for any artist you like and find mixes that include them. Or you can just browse by genre/mood tags (rock, sad, etc).


8tracks Plus- "A premium, subscription based service for DJs and listeners." For the listeners, it is just $25, to receive a 6 month add free subscription. For DJs, an 8tracks Plus subscription provides them with the ability to let their own mixes automatically play after each other, along with several other features that will be available later this year.

Merchandise- 8tracks provides its audience with the opportunity to purchase a "sharp and crisp" t-shirt in order to help promote the service. After picking your size and color, either navy, black, or white, one is given the opportunity to simply purchase the t-shirt for $20 or to add an extra donation. Making these donations is said to help spread the word about 8tracks, and help pay their bills as well.

Tag Map- A Tag Map with different "genre tags" is available on the website to help the audience find one of the thousands of music playlists within the service. These are usually more specific than the playlists options. Some examples are "up beat", "disney", and "feel good."

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Sound Recordings:a recording, fixed in any material form, consisting of sounds, whether or not a performance of a work, but excludes any soundtrack of a cinematographic work where it accompanies the cinematographic work.
Audio Channels: An audio device supports one or more channels depending on configuation


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A Sample of what a "studying mix" looks like

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An overview of playlists that come up when you enter tags like, "chill, electronic, & indie rock".