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Adobe Flash (formerly Macromedia Flash) is a dynamic, multimedia format used in addition or in place of HTML and other scripting languages. Flash can be used for cartoon animations, websites, games, and much more. It also features a scripting language called Actionscript, which allows for more complex control of the Flash. Today the primary use of flash is interactive websites, advertisements and addictive games.


Adobe Flash is used to restrict access in a way that limits the user's access to the media displayed in their browswers. In Windows, Shockwave/Flash (.swf) files can't be saved by right-clicking. YouTube has all videos in flash video format, which requires users to be bale to have to store content they have to turn to third-party solutions. This is also spreading to websites that have photo sharing.


1. Web Sites

Flash has been used throughout the internet to make interactive websites. With its robust, dynamic scripting language Actionscript, Flash has become popular among many companies which want to market their product, or idea in a unique way. Since flash is Web browser Independent, there’s no need to worry what web client your customers are using because everyone sees the same thing. This makes it much more versatile than HTML and JavaScript.
Ex: Favourite Website Awards
Ex: FlashVista
Ex: 2Advanced Studios

2. Games

Flash is used in many interactive games all over the internet. Since it is preinstalled in Windows and other machines, it is easy for users to download a game without having to download other tools. Gaming developers find it easy to make a game since they can do it rather quickly and it does not require a whole crew to complete a game. For that reason, it is very cost efficient for players, if not free, to download a game. Also another format commonly used to play games online include Shockwave Player. Shockwave is different from Adobe Flash Player because extensions can be added to do different things depending on extension itself.
Ex: Shockwave
Ex: Albino Blacksheep

3. Videos

Flash can also be used to stream and play videos, like the technology used in YouTube.(1) Animated videos can also be made using Flash. Using Flash, you can create videos with DVD-like features like menus and subtitles. Flash videos can also have different quality settings that adjust the video quality to suit different screen resolutions.
Ex: Newgrounds
Ex: YouTube
Ex: Break

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Vector Graphics

- Flash is a vector-based animation tool. This means it uses line, curves and math to generate the graphics. There are many advantages to vector graphics. One of which is smaller size of the file since only math is being used to output to the display; however, this can have the drawback of recoding execution speed because of so many calculations.


- Are like functions, and much like functions in other programming languages they allow the coder to perform tasks multiple times. One such task could be rendering multiple triangles in the screen in random positions.


- When something happens in flash, like a video stopped playing, an event is dispatched a listener reacts to that event. This event model is much like an actions and reaction.

Actionscript Editor

- An editor that specializes in editing of actionscript code. From syntax highlighting to code auto-completion, these editors can help developers deploy applications quickly. One free actionscript editor is Flash Develop, which allows editing of Actionscript 2/3 and various markup languages.

(1) Wikipedia - YouTube
(2) Flash Terminology

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