Air Gestures on Samsung Galaxy Devices


Use of “Air View” and “Air Gestures” on Samsung Galaxy devices
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The Air View gestures are used on newer models of Samsung Galaxy devices. It uses hand and other body movements to operate applications and features on phones. Air View’s features are a new and innovative way of using one’s phone. All you have to do is move your hand over the sensor: the front facing camera. The many different gestures that can be used include: motions such as quick glance, Air Jump, Air Browse, Air Move, and Air Call-Accept. All of these allow the user to use their phone without ever actually touching the screen. Air gestures support people's continued use of their phone, even when their hands are dirty or occupied. The Air Call-Accept feature is useful at times when people cannot look at their phone to answer it; this is simplified by requiring just a swipe of the hand over the phone’s screen whenever a call is received. To use these features, just go to settings and activate them. You can also simply slide the top menu down and activate or deactivate said features from the pull-down menu.These features can be disabled at any time if the user no longer wishes to use them. This makes it easy to deactivate, especially if it’s causing problems, such as the re-occurrence of unwanted actions due to screen sensitivity.

These Air View gestures are unique to Samsung Galaxy products. As of now, they are only compatible with Samsung applications as well. There is an entire application market available solely for Galaxy devices. When other companies can implement the usage of the Air View features, smartphones will be immersed into a whole new level of interactivity. Samsung uses Synaptic's proprietary 3D technology to provide better experience for the users.


Air View gestures come into use mainly with media and entertainment applications. You can use the Air View feature with the photo gallery, browser, e-mail, calendar, and video applications on the Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, and Note 3. By hovering your finger over albums of photos, the device will show a preview of the images inside an album. While inside a photo album you can move your hand in front of the phone and do a swipe gesture to flip through pictures. This creates a realistic feel while looking through pictures. While using the e-mail application, you can hover over an unopened e-mail to view a pop-up preview of what the e-mail contains. You can also use this same feature in the calendar application. This is very convenient if you are searching for a specific e-mail. While watching videos on a Samsung device, you can enable a feature called smart screen that will pause the video if you look away from the device. You can also use this feature to scroll down on a webpage when you look at the bottom of the page.

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Samsung devices also use Air Gestures for many applications. One example of this is taking a screenshot. You simply swipe the side of your hand across the screen, either left or right. If this isn't favorable, you can also use the traditional screenshot by pressing the home button and power button. Air Gestures can also be used to accept a phone call, magnify text or even move apps from one home page to another. A main aspect of this feature is using this to check notifications. While the phone is in standby, simply move your hand in front of the front facing camera and a simplistic screen appears with your notifications. This is useful as it is not very obvious to people around you that you are checking your phone and also doesn't light up your whole screen, thus saving battery. It works by using the phone’s front facing camera.


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