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Airplay is a technology designed by Apple inc. that allows users to easily stream music, movies and pictures to certain Airplay compatible devices. What makes Airplay such a unique technology is that, unlike bluetooth, Airplay can send uncompressed data wirelessly. Not only does Airplay send uncompressed data through wifi networks, it also sends a plethora of information relating to the file, such as album art, length of time remaining in the song and artist information. While only a few devices by companies such as Denon, Marantz, B&W, JBL, and iHome are said to work with Airplay at this time, Apple is promising its users that there will be more applications of this technology in the future.
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The wireless technology behind AirPlay can be fully integrated with an abundance of different speaker docks or stereo systems. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy your entire iTunes library in any room at anytime. For example, you can have one set of speakers in your bedroom, your office and your living your room. Then you can stream your music to all three of your locations so you can listen to music wherever you go. It is as simple as selecting "Multiple Speakers" from the menu available in iTunes. In addition to working over Wi-Fi, it can be accessed through an Ethernet connection or a combination of both. Moreover, Apple TV requires a stable internet connection to stream protected content via AirPlay.

AirTunes, the original name for AirPlay when it was just audio files, was release June 7th, 2004.

“Now, what is AirPlay? You know what AirTunes is… listen to music from all over your house from your mobile device. We’re changing the name of AirTunes to AirPlay, and it’s not just music anymore. You can stream all kinds of media anywhere in your house." -Steve Jobs


Airplay is proving to be very useful in the modern household. This technology allows families to easily and quickly share data on their television or other media device wireless and instantly.

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