What is Dolphin??

Dolphin is a mobile browser alternative to the stock web browsers on iOS and Android.

With its unique add-ons and features, Dolphin is one of the most downloaded alternative browsers. From its voice control called Sonar, to its sheer speed, Dolphin is serious competition for the OEM browser.

photo.JPGFeatures/ Add-on's

Dolphin is an App that contains a lot of features that will catch your eye. They are features that are fun and exciting but also productive and fast. Users give it 4 1/2 stars!! Depending on the device being used, here are some of the cool apps Dolphin has to offer.

-1.png Make A Gesture
Dolphin allows you to create personalized gestures to pull up different websites. It’s all based on your settings and allows you to create your own gesture in one swipe.

Post in One-Click!photo copy 3.PNGDolphin browser allows you to post to twitter, face book, e-mail a friend or share with a friend over wi-fi with just one click. With the easy accessible toolbar on any of your devices you’ll be sharing pictures, documents, and much more, super easily!

Save on Dolphinphoto.PNG
While surfing the web on Dolphin you can easily save a web content to EverNote or Box. If you haven’t heard of these before, these are the most popular note taking apps to keep you organized.

Some other thing Dolphin offers are multi touch zoom, android/iphone add-ons, tabbed browsing, a sidebar, and Sync & Send.

Dolphin for iPad

photo copy.PNG

Customizable Home Page & Tabs

One key feature Dolphin offers on the iPad that isn't on Android or the iPhone is the use of tabs and the home page. It is easy to save your favorites on the homepage for convenient browsing.
The tabs also make it easy to have multiple pages opened at once and cycle between them.


Speed Dial

The speed dial feature on Dolphin allows you to save your favorite sites on a page and access them every
time every time you open up a new tab. You can add up to 8 different sites to this page.

Other Key Features on iPad
-Smart Address Bar: assists your search with auto-completing URL and context menus
-Bookmark Folder: allows users to organize all bookmarks in folders

Dolphin for iPhone/Android

Dolphin video browsing.png
Video Browsing Screenshot

Dolphin Sonar.png

Dolphin Sonar

One of the latest features is Dolphin Sonar, a voice control assistance that allows you to search, share and navigate. Simply shake phone or tap on the microphone icon and tell Dolphin what to do. You can zoom in, add to Speed Dial or make a Gesture, too. Another Android add-on, Webzine, is a magazine style reader that helps to speed up web browsing. Dolphin Webzine displays distraction-free web content so that users have a easy reading experience across hundreds of sources. The add-on is available in the Android Market.

Dolphin Connect.png

Dolphin Connect

Sync and send from your Android phone to your desktop with Dolphin's Connect feature. Pick up where you left off and sync your bookmarks, tabs, web browsing history and passwords, or share files or web info between an Android device, a stationed computer, or other mobile devices. This feature requires user to download the desktop extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Comparison to other mobile browsers:

One of Dolphin's definitive differences in contrast to other browsers, is the Gesture feature for touch-screen. Gesture allows a quick jump to any website you may frequent with a symbol drawing or phrase. This feature can also be used for web navigation (such as drawing an arrow up or down to scroll on a webpage). Dolphin can also use voice control on the Android/Iphone to search, navigate, and share. Similar to voice control for Dolphin, the "Siri" voice control for the Iphone can perform web searches through Apple's Safari web browser.
photo 2.PNG
iPhone tabs
Dolphin also provides a sidebar widget to allow for quick touch-navigation and to use other add-ons.Dolphin-Android-sidebar.png

There is currently no version of Dolphin that supports use on a desktop or laptop, while Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome can all be used on mobile devices as well as desktop and laptops.

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