Topic: Facebook Graph Search
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Description:Facebook Graph Search is a new application that allows you to search for places, movies, music, or whatever you want, to allow you to connect with new people and discover new similar likes between you and your friends. Graph Search also allows you to find new places based on what your friends like. The new Facebook Graph Search, currently in beta and only available to some, is a powerful search engine capable of revealing and uncovering incredibly detailed information about you, your friends and total strangers.

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Applications:Facebook Graph Search has many possible applications, both positive and negative (as many critics have pointed out). It can be useful for finding people in your area that are interested in the same things you are. An example search might be, "People in Tallahassee, Florida who enjoy Rock Climbing", the results of which would cross-reference the 'Likes' of people living in said geographical location (Tallahassee). There are a plethora of uses for such a tool but like many Facebook related applications, it brings with it a cost in terms of privacy.

This video is an example of a person, and a group of friends using Facebook Graph Search to explore new possibilities and create new memories.

This video explains the Facebook Graphic Search, step-by-step. The commentator explains the process with an example of the search, her findings, as well as the results.

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