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Owned by Woodman Labs, GoPro is a versatile, durable camera that allows the users to capture photo and video at HD resolutions up to 4K in the most extreme conditions. Attachable to a variety of mounts, GoPro can be mounted to a helmet, tripod, etc. and can be used anywhere from rugged hillsides to the mouth of an alligator under the surface of a lake.


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GoPro features "wearable" camera/camcorders such as helmet cameras that are targeted at adventure video/photography. There are four different editions of the camera. Hero3 Black Edition, Black Edition Surf, Silver Edition, and White Edition. GoPro offers many different accessories for every customer. From battery backs to mounts for the camera. The GoPro makes it possible for anyone to capture any image.


The GoPro can be brought along and utilized virtually anywhere. One of it's most attractive features is the ability
to see the world from a different perspective.
Some interesting ideas include:
  • Harnessing the GoPro onto yourself or someone while they do a physical activity.
  • Placing the GoPro onto your car dashboard to record your road trip using the time lapse feature.
  • Taking video with the GoPro while snorkeling or scuba diving and taking advantage of it being waterproof.
  • Several different accessories can be purchased to add to the usability of the camera including different mounts and harnesses.
  • Great equipment for filmmakers of any level.
  • Can be linked with a mobile app that turns your smartphone or tablet into a viewing screen, so you can see footage as it is being produced.
  • The GoPro comes with video editing software that gives you the ability to add several cinematic effects to the footage you have obtained.

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