NASA Warp Drive


A Warp Drive or Hyper Drive is a Sci-Fi device that allows transportation near or surpassing the speed of light. Since their conception Warp Drives have been purely fictional, but given new scientific theories there are scientists that are not ruling out the possibility of their creation in the future.


external image 84543main_warp27.gifThe warp drive broke away from being completely fictional in 1994 When physicist Miguel Alcubierre suggested that faster than light travel was possible If
you remained still on a flat piece of spacetime inside a warp bubble that was made to move at superluminal velocity.
Warp drive is the future of travel. Warp drive; also-known as faster-than-light travel is the key to traveling at speeds that were never achievable before. While warp drive is only under speculation right now it soon may become a reality, but issues could exist. Complications arise from breaking these barriers such as the light barrier. It could potentially create problems within the universe and time itself. The issue being that it could potentially result in time travel is a concern. One of the main "catches" is the amount of energy such an event would require. The energy required to make this happen equals the mass-energy of Jupiter.


The applications of the Warp Drive are endless. It could potentially change the concept of travel. By allowing travel within seconds, minutes, and days to places far far far away. The concept while far away is ultimately based around the idea that travel will be much more efficient.

The main applications are:
  • Traveling throughout the universe
  • Traveling at unimaginable speeds.
  • Discovering and conducting scientific studies of the universe and it's immense size.

Potential Problems

While the Warp Drive is traveling through space, it is not alone. There are also many high-energy particles shooting through the void.
These particles could potentially get swept up in the craft’s warp field and remain trapped in the stable bubble space, in which the craft travels. This could cause cataclysmic explosions upon arrival at destination.

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