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Aero (Authentic, Energetic, Reflective, and Open), Microsoft's new graphical user interface, will make its debut as part of Microsoft's next Operating System called Vista. It is the first completely new interface since the release of Windows 95. Not only is Aero just another user interface designed to stimulate the users senses it is also the first interface that Microsoft has created to take advantage of new technology. Thus to enjoy the benfit of Aero the computer will need an approved graphics card capable of handling the processes it requires to fuction properly. AERO is the full monty when it comes to graphics options in Vista. Vista actually offers several different graphics modes if your PC isn't exactly high-end. AERO is not avaliable in Windows Vista Home Basic.The other offers are Vista-Basic in which the window borders are opaque and the sidebar stays transparent. Windows standard is essentially the same graphical quality that is currently offered by Windows XP. Vista Classic mimics Windows 98 with dark grey and blue sidebars and menu bars.

Minimum System requirements:

800 MHz Processor
SVGA (800 x 600) Graphics capable of Direct X 9
512 MB System Memory
20 GB Hard Drive with 15 GB free


The new Aero experience will bring about new features such as the translucent effect of glass, featuring dynamic reflections and smooth animations. The new features of the Aero will also allow the user to concentrate more on the content than the surrounding interface. The user will also be able to control multiple windows and applications much easier and much more controlled than past interfaces. With a proper graphics card and a high resolution monitor the user's experience can be taken to a level of professionalism that has the visual quality that no other user interface can compare with.

Windows Verification:

Microsoft has said that even if users purchase the version of Windows Vista that has the new interface and have a computer capable of supporting AERO, if users do not submit their computers for activation and Windows Genuine Verification, the AERO interface will be disabled.

Wikipedia Definition:

AERO stands for Authentic, Energetic, Reflective and Open. The new interface is supposed to be more interactive and more effeicient for new and old users. The interface has been revamped from top to bottom. Many common items such as icons, taskbar buttons and options have better functions along with a new look.


Resources within Microsoft Windows Vista. The ability to scale the graphics up and down to meet your system requirements.

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