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Java is a programming language that intends for codes to be written once and capable of being used on any platform. The program runs on class files that can function on any computer as long as Java is installed. When Java is installed on a computer, that computer is recognized as a Java virtual machine, or a JVM. The libraries of Java codes are known as APIs which let the user have access to convenient programming methods. Java has found its success from its versatility. A program can be written on a Sun Ultra workstation and still be compatible with on a Mac or PC operating system.

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Recent Events

On January 10, 2013 the Department of Homeland Security, along with many different security experts, recommended that whenever possible all businesses and others should disable Java in their web browsers due to a major security risk.

The prior week there were two - yes two - different zero-day vulnerabilities in Java, meaning they could be exploited at anytime without delay. Oracle (Java's parent company) partially patched these vulnerabilities on the following Sunday.

This caused a lot of confusion, which was only made worse by the fact that most webpages require Java. Furthermore, Java is quite difficult to find and disable - only persons experienced with computers and the different program capabilities would be able to disable it without much difficulty.

Also, from personal research, I discovered that there are fake patches that have been released by other companies (or individuals) that contain malware and/or viruses. This can be even worse because then individuals may unknowingly not only leave the same vulnerabilities but also add malware/viruses that can cause even more damage to their system.


A Java application is a program written in the Java programming language. Java application can run on any operating system and on mobile devices as well. " In order to the Java application to run, it needs to have JRE( Java Runtime Environment) installed on the device that it will run on.

Popular applications that contain Java software:

Software Informer
Google Chrome
Microsoft Silverlight
Skype Toolbars
Adobe Flash Player

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