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Lindsey Stern
Olivia De Santis
Kaley Volkmann

About UrbanSpoon:
Urbanspoon is an application that can be downloaded. The main function of Urbanspoon is to give users the ability to discover new cuisine experiences by providing recommendations to restaurants. Recommendations are based on proximity, which can be determined by shaking the device on which you have downloaded UrbanSpoon, or you can type in a location. Once you've begun your search the app tells you what type of food the restaurant has. This is helpful if you've never heard of the restaurant. It also helps you narrow your decision depending on what you may be craving.

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This is the screen that will appear where you can either shake your device or type in the city you would like to find a restaurant in

Target Market:
Urbanspoon is a great tool for tourists who may be new to an area and are seeking a restaurant with great reviews. The app also has four separate sections classified by price: Fine Dining, Cheap Eats, Moderately Priced, and Higher Priced. This allows for other users, like college students, to find restaurants within their price range. Urbanspoon is also awesome for locals who just get tired of eating out at the same places. Urbanspoon may remind you of a restaurant you haven't been to in awhile or can help you find new places to try for the first time.

Where UrbanSpoon's future is headed:
In the future, Urbanspoon would like to use S3 for video storage and find a way to move more assets into Amazon CloudFront, a content delivery network, such as style sheets and JavaScript. Urbanspoon also wants to expand on their mobile applications and help their users discover popular restaurants in their neighborhoods. Restaurants that are prevalent will become more visible on the Urbanspoon webpage. Urbanspoon’s goal is to expose their users to more trending restaurants. All of Urbanspoon’s updates are expected to become available as apps in iPhone, Android, and Blackberry, etc. app stores in the next month.