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Topic: Android Tablet PCs. Android is staying with the curve by designing new and improved tablets. While some competitors, like Apple, find Android tablets inferior, some argue that Android is developing the best tablets out there.

Description: Android tablets are portable computers that have a touch screen, so instead of a standard keyboard there is a virtual keyboard. This product comes with a wireless adapter to access the internet, a web browser, and several applications for individual users. Recent Android Tablets have 10 inch screens and have 4G capability. There are several versions of the Android Operating System, but the latest is Android 3.0. 3.0 has 3D capability, new speedy processing, more interactive widgets, an upgraded browser with tabs.

There are several different companies that are designing tablet PCs that run off the Android OS, although Samsung is the current leader. One of the advantages of keeping the market open to different companies to develop tables that run off of Android is it will keep the prices lower for the consumer, as opposed the iPad which controls the market and is only produced by apple, they can set a price at whatever they want and charge outrageous prices. For example, on BestBuy.com, the Samsung tablet is available for $499.99 compared to the iPad that can be bought for a staggering $829.99!

Applications: Android tablets can be used in many different ways. Similar to its' cousin the iPad, the Android market offers thousands of apps that let the user do anything from play games to control the lights of your house. It is easy to see the trend in technology that developers are trying to make more advanced technology available at anywhere at any time. Soon, it wouldn't be surprising to see tablet PCs in general completely replace the laptop as we know it. With the contract that Android has made with Sprint, internet will be assessable from anywhere. These applications can be purchased or downloaded for free from the Android market either from a computer or the tablet itself.

Samsung Galaxy Tablet vs. iPad

The Samsung Galaxy tab is said to be one of the best Android tablets on the market right now. The Galaxy is smaller and lighter than the iPad. The Android's operating system gives the Galaxy some advantages over the iPad. These advantages are mainly full-featured multitasking, support for Adobe Flash, and unrestricted access to Applications. Finally, the Samsung Galaxy boasts 2 cameras, one in the back and one in the front for videochatting, while the iPad has none.

*According to manufacturers' estimates

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