The ARCHOS media player is a multi-dimensional portable media device. The ARCHOS is capable of playing videos, recording television and external video sources, operating as a camcorder, as a storage device for files, as a music player and as a game player. Unlike other competing media players like the Apple iPod or Microsoft Zune the ARCHOS sets itself apart with its gaming capabilities. Thanks to open source coding, the ARCHOS user can use Gameboy or Sega Genesis emulators on their ARCHOS to play video games.
The 700 series is the newest version of the ARCHOS.

Features and Specs

Weighing in at 5.64 ounces, the Archos 402 packs many multimedia features in its small frame. This pocket sized multimedia system uses the open-source MediOS operating system to easilty interface with computers, camcorders, DVD players, TVs and many other media devices. The Archos 402 has the ability to capture and store many types of media formats such as DivX, MP3, WMA, AVI and various picture formats. It sports a 30 GB Hard Drive. The Archos 402 supports an auto-sync feature with Windows Media Player and Apple iTunes making media transfer quick and easy. It offers DVD-quality movie playback and crystal clear picture resolution on it's 2.2" color LCD screen. The Archos 402 features several different data interface connections such as USB 1.1/2.0, Stereo Line in, VGA audio and video out.

Links - Link to the manufacture's website.
ArchOpen.Org - Open Source MediOS Developer Sandbox. - Link to emulators that work with ARCHOS