Augmented Reality

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"Augmented-reality displays will overlay computer-generated graphics onto the real world.


Augmented reality is a combination of real world data and technology to create an altered reality known as augmented reality. Augmented Reality merges what or see (reality) with computer generated images corresponding to real world view. Augmented reality serves as a medium for technology to mesh with human real time sight to achieve much more data for the user. AR superimposes graphics over a real environment but changes the graphical view so it always fits perspective. Less than a decade ago such things would be ideas in technological movies, but today with ever increasing technology advancing exponentially increasing, augmented reality is available on hand held devices such a iphone.


Iphone with an app installed showcasing a form of AR

The possibility or Augmented Reality are boundless, it moreso connects people with technology opening up new possibilities for interactive technology. Here are some examples
of real world applications AR could be used for.

Navigation: AR can take the form of heads up displays to guide you to your location or it can
be an interactive map.

Military: Could be in a wearable device such as a helmet and would be used to detect enemies or calculate distaces to certain targets.

Education: AR could be used to create visual examples of different problems or virtual objects to be used as a teaching tool.

Building: Interactive blueprints could be made to make easy changes. Virtual examples of the finished structure could also be used.

Well known and early use of Augmented Reality a fighters jet HUD.
external image 6a00d83452b27e69e2011168ee88f0970c-320wi

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Boxes on the screen show known
locations which will give you info about
them when clicked on.

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