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Canvas is a place to share and play with images. You can explore new pictures that were created by other users, vote on your favorite pictures, and even edit your own photos with the in-browser editor. Canvas you allows to look at users pictures and to gain inspiration. Canvas has the ability to allow users to vote on images by using colored stickers. Further more, you have the option to comment on your images and describe them. You have a conservation with someone about the images when you comment on them. Canvas allows you to mess around with the saturation, colors, textures, and has the capacity to allow you to add wording. Canvas has several outlets to reach a large audience. You can follow Canvas on twitter at "can_vas" and you can follow their blog at http://blog.canv.as/.

Canvas appeals to many different viewers. People who do graphic design would enjoy using it, advertising companies could use to it to help with their ads. Also, it is a very entertaining website for people who just want to play around with different images. This website would be great for all different kinds of people.

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These sites are all popular image sharing sites, which feature many comics and memes like that of Canvas, which was created by the maker of 4chan. Canvas is much like tumblr, in that you can follow various users, and endlessly scroll through the content, which is mainly comprised of funny pictures and hipster photographs.