Chromium OS

Chromium OS is an open source operating system from Google, introduced in July of 2009, but launched in 2010. It is an open source operating system. The code is available free of charge for everyone to download, use and modify to their liking. Chromium OS completely renovated the structure of the computer itself, mainly because there are no desktop applications. All of the applications are run using the Google Browser, in conjunction with cloud computing.
It increases the security of the computer by eliminating the need for applications and files on the computer itself, thereby decreasing the chances of viruses spreading throughout the system. Chromium OS just launched this year, so there is a good chance that there are some needed tweaks, but for the most part it is very secure. Every time the user turns on the computer, it verifies its own code to make sure that it has not been changed or put at risk. If there is some change, the computer reboots itself and returns to the secure, previous code.

Google Chromium OS is linux-based. It is lightweight, fast, and secure. Target users are not hardcore gamers, but instead are daily internet users who uses computer to check e-mail, browse the internet, online social networking, read e-book or watch online videos. You do need a connection to use most of it's features (assuming all online access on any other systems need internet connection). Another great attribute is that there are no hard disk, so your computer will be very lightweight. The reason why Chromium OS is super fast is because data is read out from the RAM instead of the HDD. Another one of the benefits of Chromium OS besides the speed is the cost. Since it is free it offers a better alternative to casual computer users.
Chromium OS can be downloaded and work on almost any machine. It will be, however, best if ran on a Google Netbook which is being released next winter. After all, Google Netbook is the company's business model behind the free OS. Google's services are also built in and users will have offline access via Google Gears. With such amazing compatibility and portability it makes it a great choice for portable computing. Not to mention Google is always on the cusp of the technological race and is always releasing new and useful things that will no doubt work in conjunction with Chromium OS. All in all, even though Google Chromium OS is web-based, it offers an offline feature and it is an operating system which can do mostly anything other OS can do (printing, edit photos, chat, listen to music, games, file transfer, etc). The most important feature is that if a user wants to switch from one computer to another, he or she can just sign in with Google account and his/her data and settings will instantly be on the other computer unlike other operating systems which needs local settings and file transfer.

If you would like to try out Google Chromium for yourself, the following website gives you step by step instructions on how to do so:

OS: Operating System, for example Windows Vista, Mac OS X Leopard, or Red Hat Linux.
Cloud Computing: This basically means that the information is not on the device, but rather on the internet somewhere. This can be considered a good thing, especially in the loss or theft of the device.
RAM: Random Access Memory.
HDD: Hard disk drive.




A quick intro video for Chromium OS