Topic: Cloud Computing


Cloud computing is a new technology where information is stored by providers on internet servers instead of personal computers. "Cloud" metaphorically represents the internet. Cloud Computing can be a single tenant, multi-user application cloud, or a multi-tenant, general purpose, on-demand cloud.

Benefits and Harms:

Cloud computing provides both benefits and harmful implications. The most obvious benefit is that people do not need to carry around flash drives or be at their personal workstation to access information. They only need access to the internet to locate their files. This is particularly beneficial to those who can't afford their own computer.

Another benefit is infinite storage capacity. This can save corporations money if they keep running out of space, and it will be less frustrating.

Companies also favor cloud computing as a superior method of doing business while traveling. A business can share a single "computer" which makes sharing information within the company much simpler.

One of the harms of cloud computing is internet inconsistency. Your internet connection may not be a realiable one, and you might not have access to your files. There may also be the problem of getting internet access, though today, internet access is usually as easy as a trip to the local library.

A grave issue though is that if the internet servers fail or crash you could lose all your data!

Another big downside is the lack of privacy. First off, the provider of the cloud computing service has all of your personal files stored on their internet servers. Another problem is hacking. If the cloud computing architecture is poorly configured, hackers can easily access your information, though a well configured cloud computing architecture can be very secure


Peer to Peer File sharing: Bit torrent
Web based Applications: Google Apps,Facebook
New Microsoft OS with cloud computing applications
Web Based Operating systems:


SaaS (software as a service)
Platform as a Service (like google apps)
See for more terminology about cloud computing.


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Above is an example of cloud computing provided ( This is a demo of a web based operating system.