Cooliris is an innovative way of browsing the internet with a 3D wall of photos. Features include search, share, visual news, sideshows, 3D window shopping and works with thousands of sites. This web browser plug-in places a small icon on your toolbar. While browsing the internet, the icon will appear over images indicating it is a compatible page. When the program is launched, it goes into a full screen previewer. For example, when browsing a site with many links, Cooliris will give a preview of each link without ever clicking on the page.

Teachers are using Cooliris for innovative teaching techniques on smart boards. Such techniques include: interactive lectures involving the students and hands on science projects. Cooliris is already accessible to some of the most popular websites, such as Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, Google Images and many more. YouTube users also can easily navigate through a 3D wall of videos while using their iPhone. A swipe of the finger navigates through one by one, however tilting the iPhone left of right allows the user to browse through 100's of pictures in an instant. The iPhone recognizes the movement using its internal accelerometer.

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