Driverless Cars
(Free City University's Volkswagon Passat)
Description:The new age of automobiles are upon us! Researchers from Free City University in Germany have been testing an autonomous car, a vehicle with an autopilot system that is capable of driving from one point to another without a human operator. There are many kinks to be worked out, however this idea is astounding. Due to a computer, a satellite navigation system, camera and laser scanners the car can drive on its own very smoothly. It can also recognize other cars, people and objects such as trees. It is expected to be mass produced as a reality to be able own an auto-car within the next decade or longer for the average consumer. There are also hopes to navigate this auto-machine with a remote using an iPad or iPhone.
There are other companies experimenting with autonomous cars including:
(Google's Toyota Prius)
external image toyota_prius_f34_ns_101210_717.jpg

Applications: The driverless car will soon become the economical and convenient way to drive for everyone with the intent to save lives and reduce traffic accidents. It will enhance the opportunity to share one vehicle. Individuals and families can use the same car, drop one person off and send the car to pick up others and then off to their destination. Other advantages include less accidents due to driver error and increased roadway flow and capacity. Autonomous vehicles will also revolutionize some industries and the way that they operate such as the transportation industry and rental car industry. In essence, a world where were going to be navigated instead of being the navigator is slowly ensuing.

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