ESPN Scorecenter

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The ESPN ScoreCenter app lets you keep up with all your favorite sports team. You are able to access the game details on plays, key stats, leader boards, box scores, scoring summaries, and more. The ESPN app makes it easy to keep up with all sports news, no matter where you are right from your smartphone or tablet! Available for free on iTunes and the Android market.


The ESPN app allows you to follow more than 500 sports from leagues like the MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, Soccer, NCAA College Football, Basketball, NASCAR, Formula 1, Indycar, Golf, Tennis, Cricket, and Rugby. You can specify who your favorite teams are in the "myTeams" section so you can easily keep track of their games, stats, and scores. It is also available in these variety of languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Portuguese.
The Lead is one of its most useful features because it has the most recent scores from the last professional game that was played. It also allows you to get the latest sports news and even has video. Another reason The Lead is so important to this app is because of the alert feature. You can set your phone to receive a news alert for any sport or just breaking news in general.