Facebook was launched in February of 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg while he was attending Stanford University. It started out as being a social network for just Stanford, but then was opened up to the rest of the world as its popularity increased. It currently has a revenue estimated at over $800 million dollars, over 1,400, and hosts over 500 million users' profiles.

Facebook is all about social interaction, allowing users to add people as friends and then send them public or private messages, share photos, and update their personal profiles to notify their friends about themselves. The most used and cornerstone feature of Facebook is the Status Update, which allows users to give an immediate update of anything the user wants to share with their friends from thoughts to videos and websites. It also allows the users to create special interest groups organized by the workplace, school, or just to raise awareness or support a cause. It also allows users to create and invite friends to event pages which can provide all the information necessary for the event and allow the user to easily notify all attendees about changes to it.

Its layout is dynamic in both the way a user navigates the pages and its ability to evolve and adapt to changes in user's demands such as the creation of Facebook chat features. With it's deadly combination of customization and large variety of ways to connect and share with friends, Facebook has quickly overpowered and dominated the social network domain, spawning many websites trying to recreate what it's already done.



Since Facebook is completely free to its users they make most of their revenue off advertising. So other than the obvious opportunity for getting your business known these are some of the more prevalent applications of Facebook:
  • Politics: Facebook has had a profound impact on the younger generation of voters, it gives them a place to come together in large groups and voice their views and opinions in a discussion board manner.
  • Music: Facebook is being used to generate "ground swell" for upcoming shows and album releases for already established bands as well as allowing unsigned musicians to get their music out there for everyone to hear.

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