The Mozilla Foundation released a web browser June 5, 2002 dubbed Firefox. Through its unique extensions, tabbed browsing, rapid page loading, and enhanced security features, it's no wonder why it has grown to a 20% market share. The browser is open source and available on multiple operating systems including: Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux. Most everyone uses a web browser at some point during their workday, however most don't give a second thought to the brand they use. In most cases it is Microsoft's Internet Explorer, which explains its large market share. But Firefox is the 2nd most popular browser used. If a company needs to have a stable cross platform web browser Internet Explorer does not fit the ticket, as it is only (reliably) compatible with Windows. Whereas Mozilla Firefox is cross platform, and stably so, allowing for a more ubiquitous experience for the employees.

Firefox has also won multiple awards from the computing scene, including CNET, PC World, PC Magazine, and even Forbes which is more business oriented. These awards are primarily attributed to the lack of resources demanded by Firefox in comparison to IE, faster download speeds, and cross platform stability. The current edition of Firefox comes in over 40 different languages for the 3 major operating systems (Windows, Mac, and Linux). Firefox is also popular because it is a completely open-source project, which leads to literally hundreds of add-ons being developed, most of which are actually useful, with more being added at an increasing rate. (For those interested in learning more about the virtual sea of add-ons out there, a link has been provided in the links section of this wiki directly to Mozilla's main add-on page.) With that said, last yet far from least, Firefox is also popular because it is FREE.

Release History

Browser Name
Release Date
Different Changes
September 23, 2002
Customizable toolbar, quick search, tabbed browsing, Different Themes and Improved pop-up blocking
Mozilla Firebird
May 17, 2003
Smooth Scrolling, automatic image resizing, password manager
Mozilla Firefox
February 9,2004
Offline working, improvements on bookmarks and downlad manager. New Extension and theme manager. RSS feed support. Improvements in JavaScript and CSS.
Mozilla Firefox 2
October 24, 2006
Session restoration after a browser crash, search suggestion for Google and Yahoo!. Security fixes
Mozilla Firefox 3
June 17, 2008
Changes on how HTML object elements are loaded and how web pages are rendered. New default themes for different operating systems and new download manager. It improved security and fixed problems with updating of phishing and malware database.

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