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Still in its early stages of development, the ultimate objective of the creators of Goggles is that it will be able to identify virtually anything. Goggles uses the camera on the handheld device, programmed with image recognition capabilities, as a medium for performing queries in Google’s extensive image database. After performing the desired image query, the user is given information pertaining or related to the searched item or product, matching the picture the user has taken against the Google database.

Remember that this is a free application currently downloadable for all Android OS mobile devices, and will soon be available for iPhone and BlackBerry operating systems alike. Google Goggles provides a well deserved break from the typing and vocal input process. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words or in this case, "a picture is worth a thousand well-organized results."


There are several different ways that you can apply the Google Goggles application.

  • Text Identifier: It is possible to take a pictugoggles_translation.pngre of some text and search for it within the Google database. Text from a menu or another item in a different language can be photographed and found in one of the various languages in the database. Goggles can
recognize English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish words and allow you to translate them into other languages.

  • Artwork: A picture of artwork run through the database can reveal to the user the name of the artwork, the creator, different links to websites that feature the artwork, etc.goggles_book.png

  • Books: The picture of a cover of a book can tell a user all the information necessary to locate the book. It will pull up a product search, book search, and other valuable information.

  • Barcodes: Photographs of bar codes can be taken and placed into the database to locate the name of the item, various retailers that sell the product and the different prices that they can cost.

  • Landmarks: Snapshots of the various landmarks of thegoggles_landmark.jpg world can be found in the snap of your fingers by just putting it through Google Goggles. This Android application tells you almost anything you care to know about the landmark once you put it through the database, which will make learning highly accessible when traveling or on vacation.

Google is currently working to make the system capable of recognizing different plants and leaves, which aids not only the curious person, but also botanists and environmentalists searching for invading or rare plants. These are just some ways that the Google Goggles application can be used. Once someone downloads this program, they will end up adding their own applications to the list above. Try and see what you can do with it!

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