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Google SketchUp is a 3D modeling application that can be used in multiple industries. SketchUp provides a more user-friendly experience than other 3D modeling applications, such as AutoDesk's AutoCAD. The software is also much more cost-friendly. Like most of Google's products, Google offers two versions of the software.

The first and most basic version is Google SketchUp and it is available for personal use free of charge. The basic version of SketchUp allows users to model just about anything in a 3D environment. You can make layouts of your house, a new product you may have been thinking about, or create a landscape that you have been dreaming to have. SketchUp allows you to be as create as you want to be by letting you create your own models from scratch, or downloading pre-made models from Google's 3D Warehouse. But in case you want to create everything yourself, Google offers tutorial videos so that anyone can lear how to use it - no expensive training classes or degrees required.

The second, more powerful version is Google SketchUp Pro. Based off of the basic version, Google SketchUp Pro is still an easy-to-use 3D modeling application - just with many more add-ons and abilities. What makes SketchUp Pro unique is it's LayOut 3 add-on. LayOut 3 allows professionals to create rich 2D documents that are based off of the 3D models that were made in SketchUp Pro. Professionals can use this documentation to present the materials to customers, committees, or superiors in an organization. SketchUp Pro also allows for exporting to other popular CAD formats. The professional version is not free with its $495 price tag, but it is less expensive than other similar applications. However, students may use the application for educational purposes at a price of $49 per year. (License expires after one year)

Both SketchUp applications allow easy integration with Google's popular Google Earth and Google Maps applications. Using SketchUp, anyone can overlay 3D models in Google Maps using geo-locations - allow a more life-like picture of what a building or landscape would look like in the geographic area upon completion. This also allows engineers to have a greater idea of what the terrain and coloring is in the new construction location. There is even the ability to create models of existing building by tracing a photo of the building, or by using current satellite imagery provided by Google.

Google SketchUp is an easy-to-use alternative to more expensive CAD programs. With great integration between the application, Google Earth imagery, LayOut 3, Google 3D Warehouse, and Google Building Maker, Google SketchUp will provide any business the ability to create rich 3D design documents to meet almost any need.


Google SketchUp and SketchUp Pro can be used to design, validate, and visualize new products and places in the following applications:

Building Architecture
Education - K-12
Education - Higher Education
Interior Design
Landscape Architecture

Urban Planning

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