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Google, a company that has been dominating the Internet and the World Wide Web for years, has been unsuccessful in the past when trying to grab a foothold in the social networking sector, with such initiatives as Google Wave (check out whats left) and Google Buzz (check out whats left) ended up being flops. Now they have turned to their latest project, Google+, as a means to secure a spot in this ever booming sector of the Internet. And how do they plan going about doing this? Well originally when it was launched in July of 2011 it was an 'invite only' website. But that did not hinder it's growth. In the first month alone Google+ had over 25 million accounts made and was dubbed "one of the fastest growing websites in history." 1 Now only a short three months after its initial launch, Google+ has now opened completely to the public, allowing anyone to join.
So what makes Google+ different from the numerous other pre-existing social networking sites available on the internet these days? Well Google+ prides itself on making this social networking site a tool to make the day-to-day communication easier and more effective, and how do they do this? Well Google+ has five unique features which they believe can do this. They are described below:
Instant Upload:Linking your phone to Google+, allows for all the pictures you take to be instantly uploaded to a private album on your Google+ account. Thus skipping the hassle of having to upload or post pictures, all you have to do is choose which pictures you want to make available to your friends.
Sparks:By inputting interests, a live news feed will keep you up to date on current events in your circles, giving users a little something to occupy their free time.
Huddle:This feature allows for group chats that make getting the message and opinions on whats going on out more easier.
Circles:Ever forget where you met an online friend? Fret no more, this feature allows you to group your friends into descriptions of your choice, like 'Snowboarding Buddies' or even 'Nana & Pop'.
Hangouts:This is what Google likes to call 'un-planned meet-ups', it is where your circles or just a huddle can just shoot the breeze on a multi-person video chat.
Future Features/Applications:
Google+ has recently announced a few features that they plan to add to their site soon.
Privacy Settings:
Privacy settings have been a controversial subject for the huge social networking site, Facebook. So Google has made it their mission to make easier for users of Google+.
Voice and calling capabilities: One thing Google+ has over Facebook, is their calling and voice applications! Google+ plans on tweaking their system to become even easier to use and so that you can call your friends directly from the site.
"Google Experts": Google Experts will act similar to the well known Q&A website Yahoo Asnwers.
Wall Posting: When you post to someone's wall on Facebook, your friends and your friends of friends can view your entire conversation! But Google+ wants to add a feature that allow only you and your friend to view these posts.
Photo Features: In order for Google+ to dominate Facebook and take over the social networking era, they will have to do something different and more exciting with the uploading photos feature. It looks like Google+ is working on just that.

Pros & Cons
With everything there are pros and cons, but what really matters is which list is the longest.

  • It is easy to use, especially if you have a Gmail account.
  • It is free.
  • It is similar to Facebook, Skype and Twitter, but Google adds its own twist. And that makes things more convenient than joining all three of the ones listed.
  • Easy to navigate due to organization.
  • Has easy to use privacy options in one location.
  • Deleting an account is upfront.
  • Profile pictures on Google+ make it feel like your page is more of a web page than stuck in a box, like Facebook.
  • The interface is very well done and functional.

  • Posts are pushed to the top whenever there is a new comment.
  • It used to be private and can only be a member if an invitation is received (that has recently changed).
  • Not everyone is using it, majority is still using Facebook and Twitter.
  • Too many options and features for someone who just wants to post information.

We Know You're Asking: Facebook vs Google+!!!Even with Facebook at a 7 year head, Google has already been able to scavenge up 43 million members within its first few weeks of running (mostly male demographic.) But will it be able to catch up, or possibly beat Facebook? Sources point at NO.
The main problem that google has, is that it did in fact wait 7 years to release something that has had time to perfect. It features similar content as Facebook, a generally similar layout, and concept that all have already been mastered. The 43 million boom was just a rush, and the activity of Google+ is slim because of the alternative that already has everything you need. Some would say that the attempt was even embarrassing, because though Google has added a few nice touches, it looks like a parody of Facebook.
Also, it has been noted that the full transfer, much like the one from Myspace to Facebook, would take just as long, if not longer, because people do not want to go through the hassle of changing. People have already made Facebook their home away from home with thousands of status updates and hundreds of their photos already uploaded. Who wants to re-upload all their photos? Nobody. Their friends are on Facebook, so they will be too. Bottom line? Google waited too long, so the tweaks that make it "better" than Facebook just wont be enough. Only time will tell.

Google Plus Vs. Facebook The Pros and Cons of Each
Google Plus Vs. Facebook The Pros and Cons of Each

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