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DescriptionGrooveShark is currently one of the most inclusive music service websites available on the web today. Founded by two students who studied at the University of Florida, it is currently based out of Gainesville, FL.
GrooveShark was created as a way to bring together consumers, artists, distributers, and other music enthusiasts in one place. Users can take their music with them in virtually any format to guarantee instantaneous listening in all situations. The website ensures ease of access to any desired song or ringtone and enables users to create a variety of playlists to keep their music organized.
The music service on this website is one of the few legal ones of its type. Regardless of the desired format members use, all rights holders get paid accordingly. GrooveShark’s ease of music delivery around the world is supported through advertisements and their premium VIP subscription service. Also a number of their upcoming applications will help to finance the company and sustain their payments for rights. GrooveShark is essentially an extensive database of music, but differs from other music websites like Pandora, which creates random playlists and limits the listening time of non-subscribing users. The ability to listen to random playlists is still there, but GrooveShark also has a wide range of options for all users. People who don't have a profile can go on and listen to whatever songs they want, free of charge. By creating a free profile, you now have the ability to create playlists and a music library which can be brought up on any computer. GrooveShark VIP gives you more customization options for your browser, in addition to all their premium services like GrooveShark desktop and mobile. Both free services don't have a monthly listening cap, and both give you access to the entire GrooveShark library.
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GrooveShark is a full featured website with a focus of on-demand music to users all over the world. Members who join for free are encouraged to listen to their favorite music, discover new music through recommendations given according to their interests, share tracks with their friends and even link their accounts to their other social networking sites such as facebook and twitter. Every member is given a full profile with which they can follow people with similar taste in music or network with other users. If members decide to upgrade to the VIP account they are supplied with a number of features and applications thatbaexternal image imageviewer_mobile_large.pngse on user needs and desires.

  • GrooveShark Mobile- Users can access their groove shark account via their mobile phone and enjoy their favorite music and playlists anywhere they go.

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GrooveShark DesktopThis application allows users to transform their computer desktop into a dashboard of their favorite artists and playlists. The associated online account will synch to the desktop instantaneously and will allow music to begin playing as soon as users pull up their desktop. The desktop will also notify users when a new song begins and informs you on what you are listening to.
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  • Last.Fm Scrobbling- This feature allows users to select songs they particularly like and “Scrobble” them to which monitors your musical tastes and listening habits and recommends similar musicians or songs.

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