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XHTML is more structured than HTML with more set rules. First of all, everything needs to be in a list or paragraph, some type of structure. You can’t just have a random tag sitting in the middle of the code. Also, if a tag is opened it must be closed. So where you would just put <br> for a break in HTML, you need to have an ending for it in XHTML so it would be <br/>. Everything should be uniform in lowercase lettering. Finally, the tags need to be in order. If you started one tag, then another, the second tag should be closed before the first.

10 Examples of common tags that change

1. <br> à <br/>
2. <hr> à <hr/>
3. <border =0> à <border =“0”>
4. <IMG> à<img>
5. <center> à use CSS to center
6. <img src”=name” alt=”name”> à <img src”=name” alt=”name” />
7. <hr size=5> à <hr size=5/>
8. <hr width=5> à <hr width=5 />
9. <hr noshade> à <hr noshade />
10. <img src=”name” border=?> à <img src=”name” border=? />

5 Examples of common snippets that change

1. <i> blah <u>blahlahd</i></u> à <i>blah <u>blahblah</u></i>
2. <img src=mul.jpg> à <img src=”mul.jpg”/>
3. <p> blahblah <ol> <li> blah </li> <li> hola </li> </ol> </p> à<p> blahblah </p> <ol> <li> blah </li> <li> hola </li> </ol>
4. <ol> <img src=”mule.gif”> <li> … </li> </ol> à <p> <img src=”mule.gif”> </p> <ol> <li> … </li> </ol>
5. <h2><p>blah blah</h2></p> becomes <p><h2>blah blah</h2></p>

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