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Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that stream over 2400 videos that helps students learn material. Khan Academy provide educational videos from SAT Prep to CAL III. The Academy explains the material step-by-step and gives examples of the information from the simplest problem to the most challenging question. Also Khan Academy provides practice exercises and assessments that students can benefit from to get a better grasp on the information they are learning. Khan Academy provides students with access to their on custom profile that has the ability to track their progress. Khan Academy is not just for students, parents and teachers also have unlimited access. They provide teachers and students the ability to watch their child or student progress in the class they need help in.

Is This The Future of Education?
With websites and technology like: YouTube,Skype, OoVoo, they are allowing people to learn information not just in the classroom but also in the comfort of their home. In addition, the information is free, which is a major bonus to most people today because higher education is quite costly as it is. The rising tuition prices are not helping the case either.


Personal Benefit:

There are also many other videos that are interesting to watch and can help someone better understand the current events of today without bias views. These videos include:
  • Debt ceiling
  • Ponzi scheme
  • Social Security
  • [Explanation/History of] 20th Century Capitalism
  • Unemployment

Social Security Intro:


Translators Needed:

The website is requesting translators so that all the videos would be available to everyone in the world.


The website needs to expand more information to provide videos on humanities, history, ethics, etc. topics: these would include information on artists, music, etc. A professor of these studies would be a great person to publish this information.

Another missing topic is computer how to videos. Such videos would be extremely helpful in explaining to consumers how to:
  • Identifying phishing and scam e-mails
  • Backup important files on an external device
  • Managing your computer

Microsoft's website only show screen shots, and step by step written instructions; Microsoft(4)
If Khan Academy created these videos, it would greatly increase the amount of views of the website. 



Visit The Website:Khan Academy(6)

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Khan Academy has a motto that ensures integrity: "Providing a high quality education to anyone, anywhere".
This motto’s positive reinforcements promotes a sense of camaraderie. Khan Academy delivers a free online collection of more than 2,600 micro lectures on You Tube teaching many different topics of discussions. Those topics include: mathematics, history, finance, physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, economics and computer science.Trigonometry, for example is one of the more popular topics on You Tube, with over 179,000 views.More On Trigonometry(10)


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