What is it?
  • The Misa digital guitar is an experimental new instrument, similar to an electric guitar in shape, but with an interface designed to easily and intuitively control digital audio.
  • The Misa Kitara allows digital guitarists to use playing techniques that are not possible or comfortable on a digital keyboard.
  • The digital guitar features a full fretboard, a multi-touch screen and an onboard polyphonic synthesizer with sounds and effects. As much as the Kitara may look like a toy, the Kitara has a target audience of older teenagers and up.

How it's used
  • Notes are played by touching to built in touch screen. The position and movement of your touch determines how the sound is generated and processed.
  • You can apply a number of digital effects, including distortion, delay and modulation. These effects can be controlled through the touch panel interface.
                    • You can assign one sound to all six strings, or assign different sounds to different strings. Everything is configurable. It runs Linux and is open source.

The kitara enables musicians to move away from the use of digital keyboards to provide digital effects. The kitara allows the musician to use traditional guitar playing technique to generate digital audio effects without the use of outside sources.

The kitara runs Linux and allows for complete customization of custom preset sounds. Custom digital effects programmed in the katara can replace countless guitar effects pedals as well as digital keyboards used for effects.

Two versions of the Misa Kitara digital guitar are available for purchase.

Kitara digital guitar
Kitara Limited Edition digital guitar
US$959.00 ($7,480.00 Hong Kong Dollars)
US$3,249.00 ($25,342.00 Hong Kong Dollars)
Body Construction
Crafted with high-density injection-molded ABS polymer
A precision-etched body of solid aluminum
Ship Date
September 2011
Late 2011
Both versions include a MIDI controller, and an on-board digital synthesizer with an eight-inch multi-touch screen. The main difference of the two types is the material the body is built with. As you can see the price is very different as well.




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