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A regular LCD tv that uses LED's to backlight the display instead of the conventional flourescent bulbs. The name LED TV can be misleading because the tv's are not true LED's, just backlit. LED tv's however do offer a wide range of benefits over regular LCD tv's. These benefits include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Brighter images, better contrast, and deeper blacks compared to LCD's
  2. Ultra slim
  3. Energy-friendly. They consume almost half as much power as an LCD tv
  4. Wider range of colors

Samsung is currently the only company selling these LED tv's. Vizio and LG have announced that they will begin selling LED TVs later this year. They are becoming more and more popular mainly due to the super-slim profile and crystal clear display.


Many of these LED tv's are being built with the ability to connect to the internet, allowing users access to information at the touch of a button. In Samsung models, users can access this feature through various widgets that can make purchases on ebay, check the local weather, and even look at twitter updates.

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LED TV terminology is closely linked with terminology related to HDTV. This list will cover terminology specific to LED TV technology. For more general HDTV terms, please visit the HDTV wiki.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) - Small light source based upon a semiconductor diode. LEDs are renown for their low energy consumption, long lifetime, small size and robust design. LEDs are used in many applications, including lighting, large scale displays and sensing.

LED-backlit LCD Television - LCD television that uses LED backlighting in lieu of fluorescent lights. LED-backlight LCD televisions have higher brightness and lower energy consumption compared to standard LCD televisions, though screen uniformity is sacrificed.

LED display - An LED display is a video display is comprised only of LEDs. As LEDs are too large to use exclusively for home televisions, LED displays are primarily used as signs, billboards or monitors in public venues.