Laser television is the future of television. Television sets prior to the Laser Television were only capable of displaying 40% of the colors that the human eye can see. The laser television is capable of displaying roughly 90% of the colors the human eye can see. The power consumption of the laser television is a great improvement over the LCD's and plasma televisions by one fourth of the energy cost Laser Television fit under the category of green technology. This was also a product of the Electronic House 2008. After the CES Convention, a big focus on technology was Green Friendly Environment. The power consumption for the Mitsubishi LaserVue has been averaged at 135 watts compared to 150 watts. Ref: Laser Television The average prices of these television sets when they come on the market will be about the same as plasma television sets, which may hurt the sales of plasma televisions. Ref: Laser Television

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Within the last Three years the technology required to make laser televisions has evolved to the point where it is safe enough and inexpensive enough to go on sale to the public. In 2006 the at the CES in Las Vegas Novalux Inc. developer of Necsel semiconductor laser technology, demonstrated their laser illumination source for projection displays and a prototype rear-projection "laser" TV. Since then major company's along with Mitsubishi have invested in the development of laser rear-projection TV'S. Mitsubishi was the first to unviel their model and they did so at the 2008 CES in Las Vegas, as you might expect this drew large attention and intrest from many of those at the show. This is still relatively new technology and therefore it is being improved upon constantly this could be the next phenom among television owners everywhere.

Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas:

~Mitsubishi's unveiling of the Laser Television~

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