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Like.com is different from any search engine because it uniquely finds what you're searching for through imaging. This eliminates all the useless search topics that may pop up because you are submitting the exact image of your search. The use of like.com is totally free, and they get paid whenever you purchase something. Like.com is also advertising-free, so you don't have to deal with the harrassing advertisements from Google or Yahoo. Before Like.com, there was Riya, whose main customers (approximately 95%) were men. In contrast, Like.com generally targets women between the ages of 20-30 years old. Like.com has been incredibly successful and is continuing to succeed.


Like.com allows users to search for an array of merchandise ranging from handbags to home decor. Users browse the website for an item they like, and the search engine returns images of the item or one similar, along withexternal image like-com-225.jpg a link directly to the supplier's webpage, so that the user may purchase the item. Users can also highlight parts of the image to search for similar patterns, a great way for matching accessorizing one's wardrobe.



Like.com has applications for your mobile devices like your iPhone. Ask a Stylist is a new application that can help people decide what they are going to wear. People who do not have the best ideas on what to wear for a specific event like a special dinner, can send a picture of what they are going to wear to a professional stylist. The stylist then gives tips or ideas on your clothing selection. This way you have
professional advice and you can have confidence with what you are wearing to your event.

Example of a conversation with a stylist.

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On August 20, 2010 Google acquired Like.com. With this aqcuisition it is possible to see similarities with google and Like.com's features. Google will likely use the same features that Like.com uses with its picture search. This will help people find information on anything that they capture in a picture.
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