Mac OS X Lion-- the latest Mac operating system

  • The upgrade to the new operating software is only $30 vs the upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7 is $119.
  • You can easily download this from the Mac App Store, no needing to go to the bookstore to buy a disk and bring it home to download.
  • The new operating software allows you to have multiple desktops open. You can be working on a school assignment on one desktop and then flick over to the other desktop where you have the last episode of "Entourage" on.
  • Mission control allows you to simply swipe your fingers and all you open windows at the same time and being able to access them from there.
  • Airdrop in my opinion is the best feature of the new system. Instead of having to email a file to a friend sitting next to you, you can simply drag and drop a file onto your friends face icon and the file will be sent to them. This only works when people are using the same internet.
  • Now when you search you Mac in the top right corner of the screen a "Spotlight Preview' shows up of the document or whatever else it might be you're looking for.
  • Apple has changed the scrolling and the finger movements for Lion from the old finger movements in Snow Leopard. I have a Mac that uses Snow Leopard and when I use Lion on my friends computers they have changed almost all the movements. Scrolling with two fingers is now backwards, four finger side swipe brings over your mission control, and two fingers instead of three on the old software brings you back a page when you are web browsing. It's pretty frustrating when you've been using a Mac for years and all of a sudden you're lost on the feature you use the most.
  • The look of the new OS is basically the same look as the old one, people who are not as much interested in all the new features are always looking at the aesthetics of the software and when they see not much looks different, they are disappointed.
  • The new uploading of pictures using iPhoto has changed and no uploads as events instead of all at one time in Snow Leopard, which can be hard to figure out and know where your pictures are at

New Features.

Mission Control: User friendly display of everything currently operating on user's computer.

Launch Pad: New dashboard button that gives users instant access to all applications on the computer. Allows users to organize applications in folders and reorder apps to the user's liking.


Gestures: Additional multi-touch gestures have been added to the touchpad to make touch responses feel more smooth and effective.



Mac OS X Lion Video.

The new improvements to the Mac OS X Lion have been made with the user in mind. It categorizes your applications using mission control for you when multiple apps are opened. It has changed all of the finger swiping software. Although at first may be a trick to convert over to, with all changes the user gets used to it after a few days of work. The Mac OS X Lion uses Email 5 for its users, this new email system will categorize your conversations for you, no more random scattered conversations hidden in your junk mail. The new airdrop access will be a complete time saver, now without worry of wifi connectivity you can simply drop a file needed for transfer. A lot of the same software that the iOS had will be applied to the OS X Lion as well, so don't think everything will be completely new. Apple made definite changes but not a wholly new software.

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