MacBook Pro

What is it?

The company Apple released a series of Macintosh laptops in January 2006 to replace the last of the PowerBook series of laptops. The product was the first of the MacBook family, MacBook Pro. The MacBook series has three models: The standard MacBook, a consumer model that was recently discontinued, the MacBook Pro, a more business oriented form, and the MacBook Air, a small and lighter version for easier carrying. However, the Pro has many factors that stand out above the other two.

MacBook Pro Advantages

The great features of the MacBook Pro are mostly physical ones. This includes hardware and the actual laptop body. The Pro features more RAM than a standard Mac, faster processors clocked at higher speeds, better graphics cards installed, increased built-in hard disk space, and better resolution built into the screen. The main advantages of a Pro are more processing power, better graphics, more physical memory, and faster operation. It even sports a backlight keyboard for when its hard to type in the dark, a built in HD FaceTime web camera, and a FireWire 800 port!

MacBook Pro Vs. PC

Over the past twenty years, the MacBook is not the only competitive CPU out there making upgrades. When determing which CPU is going
to be the right one for the job, one of the first considerations is Mac or PC? PC's have made jaw-dropping advancements when it comes to multitasking and visual software through means of massive amounts of memory, extensive lines of code and massive graphics cards. However due to the additions that allow the PC to perform optimally under the most extreme circumstances, its ability to do the most mundane tasks in some cases has suffered. As demonstrated on Hallicino Mac Vs. PC when comparing a old Mac to the most modern PC the performed almost virtually the same, with the Mac performing better on processes like word and excel. Which is to say that while PC's may be the most powerful system on the market today it truly matters what task you need the CPU for.


There have been many major upgrades in the new MacBook Pro's.First off is the hardware portion of the new Mac's:
  • All new 2011 MacBook Pro's are equipped with Intel Core i5 (or i7) processors, having twice the power and computers operating system speed than previous models.
  • The new release of the MacBook Pro now uses Mac Operating System X (OS X) "Lion". It is the current operating system by Apple and runs smoothly and well-adapted on all Macintosh computer systems.
  • Macbook Pros come equipped with Thunderbolt peripherals. Thunderbolt is a connection into the computers system that supports super fast connectivity up to speeds of 10gps.
  • The unibody of the new MacBook Pro's feature lighter aluminum casing, better support of the laptop, a cleaner and sleeker look and feel, and the components being less hazardous and more recyclable.


With common-place tasks such as documents, multimedia editing, gaming and the like with much more ease and the lighter sense of carrying a notebook computer around, the MacBook Pro allows for a more sensible movement through doing each application and for better quality results! Be it a high-definition video you create, chatting with friends over the web, or even just plainly browsing the Internet Highway, the MacBook Pro lets a user have the best of quality on their lap when they need or want it.


Although the Macbook Pro has more advanced processors, more RAM, and better video cards than many other computers, there are still bugs in the system. More and more owners of a Macbook Pro are experiencing complete computer freezes when under duress. Owners report that the Macbook Pro will overheat and the cooling fans revving up suddenly and the owner not being able to do anything but move the cursor around.


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