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Netbooks (Sometimes called Mini Notebooks) are computers of the future. Netbooks are small, portable and inexpensive computers used generally for using generic computer applications and also for web based applications.

General Netbook system specs:

10-inch swivel display with 1024 x 600 pixel resolution. (Vary with price.)
Windows XP Home (Vary with price.)
Intel Atom N270 processor, (Vary with price.)
1 GB of RAM
160 GB HDD
Express card slot, SD card slot
Multiple USB ports
(Processor, Operating System, and 10-inch swivel display may all vary according to price)

Who would want a Netbook?

Currently, without a heavy monetary investment, netbooks pale in comparison to mid-range desktop or laptop computers. Due to their lack of features, they are primarily for those with reduced computing needs such as word processing, web browsing, and simple image editing. Where they shine is in portability and cost. With screen sizes ranging from 5" to 13" they are both lightweight and small, meaning they take up little space in backpacks, handbags, or purses. Since their small size cannot always accommodate things like CD/DVD drives or large hard drives, this has led to a reduction in cost vs. regular laptops.

Netbook Pricing:

The cheaper netbooks are going to be in the $150-$250 price range, with an average of 512MB to 1GB ram, and around a 4GB to 30GB hard drive. More expensive netbooks can exceed the thousands, but are typical around $350-$500, have an average of 512MB to 2GB ram, and have anywhere between a 4GB and 320GB hard drive. What also needs to be considered when searching for the right netbook is battery life (which typically exceeds expectations when compared to a full priced laptop), CD/DVD drive capabilities, screen size, and computing capabilities.
Current top 10 netbooks

Netbooks VS Laptops:

Netbooks are small computers that are easy to carry and have longer battery lives than laptops. Having screen sizes only 12 inches and lower, Netbooks are much more portable than an average laptop (laptops have screen sizes from 15.4 inches and larger). Although a Netbook is not meant to replace a desktop or laptop, it is great for on the go web surfing and typing small documents. Due to small graphics cards and slow processing speeds, Netbooks are inefficient for gaming and/or similar computer processes.


Great Places to Find a Netbook: