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  • Description: IPTV is a technology where television channels are sent to subscribers over their broadband internet connection which is usually provided by the same company although it can be defined as anything different than the traditional television service. Many companies offer IPTV as part of a package along with broadband internet connection and telephone service. IPTV is a fairly new technology because just recently company have had the means to transfer the large amount of data required for streaming television, over the internet to customers. In the future IPTV is expected to grow exponentially in it's subscribers. There are endless amount of videos on the internet that you can download from websites for streaming and subscription services that have tv programs and movies that are available to download at your convenience. A great feature about web tv is that you can download shows and movies whenever you have time to. Instead of watching tv shows or movies through your laptop or desktop computers, you can easily connect it to your television set.
  • Misconceptions: IPTV is commonly mistaken for Internet Video, which allows users to watch low-quality streaming video over the internet. IPTV on the other hand delivers a high-quality digital television service that comes equipped with advanced features such as Videos On Demand (VoD).
  • Limitations: IPTV is very dependent on the stability of the users internet access. Heavy packet loss results in broken picture or loss of picture entirely. Even though there are many new hardware advances in wireless technology, IPTV is weak when went sent across a wireless signal. Satelite signals also have issues transmitting the IPTV signal due to their higher latency. In order for IPTV to function properly one needs a fast and reliable cable, DSL, or Fiber Optic connection.


  • Free Online Television: Our generation is moving further and further away from conventional television and turning our attention to streaming shows online. The beautiful thing about watching streaming videos online is that it is free, it can be accessed at any time, and it is updated with the newest and latest videos from your favorite television shows every day. One of the websites, www.surfthechannel.com, has everything from movies, to television shows, to cartoons. You have a choice from thousands of shows to watch, and all you need is an updated media codex to run the stream on your computer. On the homepage of Filmhill.com, you can watch the latest movies brought to your computer by third-party hosts such as www.megavideo.com, or www.tudou.com. There are also options to watch older movies from the 1990's, or earlier

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IPTV Delivery Model

IPTV use broadband path for content delivery from CP (Content Provider) to Viewer. Infrastructure for content delivery is based on Business Model used by CSP (Content Service Provider) and ISP (Internet Service Provider). In a very simple level content deliver from CSP via ISP(Service Provider) and Access network to Home network as shown in diagram

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IPTV- Internet Protocol Television
DSL- Digital Subscriber Line
QoS- Quality of Service