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Open Network Ecosystem (ONE)

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Image Found: http://www.procurve.com/one/index.htm
Image Found: http://www.procurve.com/one/index.htm

ProCurve's Open Network Ecosystem (ONE) is a new initiative from HP ProCurve, that provides you with a choice of best-in-class applications and services that integrate into your network. It consists of an ecosystem of market leading Alliance partners, that provide a choice of applications, which have been integrated or tested with ProCurve's open-standards network.


Image Found: http://www.procurve.com/one/applications/index.htm
Image Found: http://www.procurve.com/one/applications/index.htm

ProCurve ONE offers an array of applications available for integration with your network, from the core or data-center, at the edge of the LAN, or out at the branch office. Depending on the application, this integration may offer increased performance, reduced latency, and improved use of space, power and cooling.

  • Business applications:
    • Enables clearer collaboration.
    • Creates more of a physical security.
  • Network applications & Services:
    • Branch office services
    • Data Center infrastructure management
    • Identity and Access Management
    • Network management
    • Secure content and Threat management
    • Wireless services


Image Found: http://www.procurve.com/one/network/index.htm
Image Found: http://www.procurve.com/one/network/index.htm
The HP ProCurve network forms a flexible open-standards-based foundation layer. This provides a platform that can deliver additional applications and services, from both HP ProCurve and an array of leading application and appliance vendors.

  • Network Platform
    • Applications within the ecosystem can be implemented on standalone appliances, or on industry-standard servers such as a HP ProLiant server, or as ProCurve ONE Integrated applications hosted on the Services Module.
    • In all three implementation cases, ProCurve's product portfolio forms the open-standards based network supporting ProCurve ONE Solutions.

  • HP ProCurve ONE Services zl Module
    • The first HP ProCurve product to support the direct integration of applications is the HP ProCurve ONE Services zl Module.
    • This is an Intel-based module with dual 10G interfaces that connect directly into the fabric of ProCurve‚Äôs flagship chassis-based switch platforms, the HP ProCurve Switch 5400zl and 8212zl.
    • This integration allows the deployment of the same services across the network within the core or in a data-center, at the edge of the campus LAN, or out in a branch office.
    • The Services Module incorporates a secure environment in which only applications that have been tested, certified and downloaded without error will run, helping to maintain application performance, switch security, and network protection from vulnerabilities.
    • Applications come pre-configured in an installation image, which includes the application along with the operating-system which is needed to support the application. In this manner, once installed the solution will behave as a standalone appliance, with the additional benefits of switch integration.

Image Found: http://www.procurve.com/one/network/index.htm
Image Found: http://www.procurve.com/one/network/index.htm

Alliance Partners:
Image Found: http://www.procurve.com/one/alliance/index.htm
Image Found: http://www.procurve.com/one/alliance/index.htm

Leading appliance or independent software vendors work with ProCurve to create applications, which together with ProCurve's network foundation allow customers to deploy tested or pre-integrated best-in-class solutions. ProCurve ONE Alliance Partners undertake an accreditation process, and commit to supporting customers and channel partners who deploy these solutions. All ProCurve ONE Alliance partners undertake an accreditation process, which involves an analysis of their fit within the ProCurve ONE program. This process is designed to ensure that the alliance partners meet our requirements for quality, and have an ability to provide product development, delivery and support.

For an updated list of ProCurve ONE Alliance Partners, visit http://www.procurve.com/one/alliance/index.htm.

F5 Networks joins the HP ProCurve Open Network Ecosystem

  • The program delivers tested and certified solutions that are interoperable with HP ProCurve technology.
  • Gives customers the flexibility to choose a secure multi-vendor IT environment instead of costly proprietary models.
  • Organisations are able to utilise applications and services to deliver a consistent networking environment.

ProCurve demonstrated its ProCurve Network Immunity Manager at the Interop Las Vegas 2008.

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