Opera is a multi-platform web browser developed by Norwegian software company, Opera Software. Founded in 1994 as a research project of Telenor, Opera has remained one the lesser known of the popular web browsers despite perfecting many of the current universal features, such as tabbed browsing and page zooming. Opera is also notable for the sheer number of features, from email services to BitTorrent support.
While remaining an independent group, Opera’s main sources of revenue come from other companies. Using a special version of the browser, Opera comes preinstalled on many phones or is capable of being installed. In addition to phones, Opera is the only commercial web browser available for the Nintendo DS and the Wii. While remaining less used than other browsers, Opera’s many unique features and constant development has given it a lasting place on many devices.

Opera 11- Latest Version

The Opera web browser is a very versatile tool, and can be used in many different ways with many different versions of software. It allows you to surf the web from various electronic devices, including computers, phones, and even from gaming systems. Opera includes a home page displaying recently viewed sites, which makes browsing the web easier and more convenient. It also offers a variety of widgets that can be downloaded on your computer.

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Currently, Opera has a little over 3% of worldwide usage among web browsers. Operas new and improved applications offer a variety of services included but not limited to greater internet memory and browser speed, to being able to recover any tabs if the browser was improperly shut down. One of their newest browsers, Opera 11, was released and was recorded to be downloaded 10 million times during the first week of release. Opera includes a "Speed Dial" feature that allows you to add up to 25 shown in thumbnail form in a page when a new tab is opened. It also offers Voice Control that allows control of the browser without the use of a keyboard or mouse. All of these applications have at least 30 day free trials through Opera, and can be purchased for a low monthly or annual rate.

Opera Mini Browser
Opera Mini Browser

Opera Mini Browser is also used on Nintendo DSi as well as mobile phones. With the implication of Opera on Nintendo DSi we can only wonder how far this browser will go.

Opera on Nintendo DSi

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