(Computer) Platform Integration

Platform Integration is the synthesis of a computing environment and an addition. The relationship between computer environments and additions include computer hardware , software , and the user. The means of integrating platforms could be through such programming languages as Java. Applications of this practice could be for something as important as deploying end-user platforms across a worldwide network, such as a bank's network that operates between hundreds of machines. A major advantage is a great decrease in the time needed to deploy information to multiple clients.

Platform Migration

Platform Migration is helping the user and the client move their workloads to another platform. Making the mainframes easier and more efficient, which most consumers desire. Its intended use is to re-host existing applications to modernized platforms. The main focus of Platform Migration is to take advantage of new technology, by minimizing any risk and enhance productivity. A good example of this is a large integrated network can upgrade its software, let alone its operating system (e.g. Windows Vista), come the absolute need, without having to spend so much money and/or time on procuring the software and installing it on each machine one by one.