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Powermat’s groundbreaking technology removes a user’s need for access to an electrical socket. Using principles of magnetic induction, Powermat sends out electrical power through an extremely thin mat emplanted in a work surface or wall, to electronic devices placed on it at random.

Powermat’s safe and energy-efficient technology provides real-time powering for immediate and unlimited use of multiple electronic devices in any environment. In addition, Powermat’s one-of-a-kind technology offers the only accessible solution for large work surfaces and wall areas, and is easily combined into building construction and furniture design.

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  • The Powermat was brought to the consumer population in the year 2007 by the company Powermat. It was created as an effect of the hundreds of electronic devices overflowing in the market, and the need for an efficient, effective way to power them. By using the Powermat receiver, electronic device users will be able to set down and charge up to 3 devices at a time, without the hassle of constantly connecting it to a wired charging device. This effortless, yet effective device will also eliminate the frustration of low battery, or dead devices. It utilizes “smart” technology to sense when a device is fully charged, and immediately stops power delivery, which saves energy. Powermat is the first company to perfect wireless charging, and to bring it to consumers via retail markets. It currently leads the market in device compatibility, retail availability, technological advancement, consumer experience, and brand. Powermat has set the bar high for competing companies, and this device will ultimately revolutionize the way we charge.

Energy efficiency
An iPod or iPhone needs a special PowerMat compatible cover.
Simultaneous Powering of Multiple Electronic Devices
A Blackberry cellphone needs a PowerMat receiver in place of its battery.
A Reduction in the Overall Number of Power Sockets (Outlets)
Real-time Powering
Adds bulk to devices
Still has a wire you have to plug in
Free-standing or Embedded Options

Scalable Design

Safety and Environment-friendly Details

Simplicity and Reliability

  • The Powermat allows users to enable their electronic devices (Ie. smartphone) once with a Powermat receiver, and then set down up to three devices on the charging mat for "safe and effective" wireless charging. The Powermat works by means of magnetic induction and a proprietary technology of Powermat itself. When a particular device is placed on the powermat, the charging requirements are automatically detected. Desired amount of electricity is then sent to that device, and once fully charged, discontinues the charging process to prevent battery damage. This technology was only recently developed and implemented by Powermat, and is paving the way for the future of wireless devices.

  • The powermat technology is currently being used around the world in homes, offices, schools, and soon will be installed in cars. It is downsizing use of cords which have been known to be a hassle when not having enough plug ins for the number of devices needing to be charged.
  • GMC is about to install this new technology in cars. Making it even easier when traveling on the go.
  • No matter where you are located the Powermat can be a time, space, and cordless way of charging multiple batteries at once.

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