RockMelt is a proprietary social media web browser developed by Tim Howes and Eric Vishria. The project is backed by Netscape founder Marc Andreessen. RockMelt integrates a unique technique for surfing the web that focuses on Google Search and Social Media, in particular Facebook and Twitter. The browser launched in private beta on November 8, 2010; in order to download it, users are required to connect their facebook account to the website to receive an invitation email, RockMelt supports Windows and Mac OS Platforms. This browser is designed to integrate a wide variety of social media networks into one viewing panel to better facilitate access to these websites.



· Built for sharing
o The browser allows you to log into both your Facebook as well as twitter account. Allowing the user to easily access the two popular social networks without actually logging into the website.
· App Edge
o You can manage all your web applications from the app edge on the ride side of the browser. The browser has been developed on a Google Chrome base so it supports all the extensions made for Google.
· Powerful than Google Chrome
o Browser is built on top of Chrome’s powerful chromium platform. Which allows the internet browser to run powerful with multiple extensions running in the background.
· Efficient search tools
o The browser adds a separate search box to chrome’s Omnibox. When you enter a query, the results appear in a panel. You can click on any of these to view the full site in the main window.
· Real-Time Updates
o Get real time updates from your favorite social networks on an organized pane.

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Facebook connection: On the left side of the Rockmelt browser is a Facebook bar that integrates all of the communication functions offered by the social network without having to open a new window. With this feature, you can chat, view other people’s walls and pictures, and make posts. Another attribute of the Facebook side bar is the ability to create a favorite contacts list, which will allow users to keep updates on particular people of interest. On the right side of the Rockmelt browser is another bar that monitors the activity on your own wall, updating notifications and allowing interaction with a multitude of social networks which currently only includes Facebook and Twitter. All of these features are optional, and are designed to incorporate a social feel to the browser without needing to open new windows.

Google Search bar: Rockmelt includes a search bar at the top of the browser that uses the google search engine to populate a results page. The top ten results are displayed in a small drop down window, allowing users to conduct a search without having to open a whole new window.

Twitter Feeds: Rockmelt sports a Twitter feeds icon on the right edge of the browser. Using the side bars, a user is able to manage and post information on Twitter without having to actually access the website. Specific posts and “tweets” of interests can be monitored closely by maintaining small feed windows, which keep the user updated on any developing stories. A big “Share” button at the top of the browser leads to a window pane that enables posting on Twitter or Facebook without having to engage optional side bars.

Google Chrome Likeness: The coding and format of Rockmelt is based off the Google Chrome application. This allows for the same speed and general feel of Google Chrome. The functionality remains the same, which makes Rockmelt applicable to both Mac and Windows.

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