Shazam is a application found on many mobile devices. It started in 2002 to give customers the ability to share and discover music with handheld devices. Shazam is now international with over 50 million customers in 150 countries. Shazam! allows you to discover new music and learn the name and artist of "that song playing right now". You can use Shazam to find new artists or remember the song so you can buy it later.

For anyone who has ever been at someone's house, in a restaurant or near a radio and wanted to know the name of a song or who the artist was, there's Shazam. An application for Android, iPhone, Brew, J2ME, Symbian and Windows Phone that "tags" music. Simply open the app, tag the song, and wait for the information. You can even download via iTunes on the spot.

If you've ever wondered how it works, Shazam has a database of over 8 million tracks which it searches when you hit "tag".


Features for the Shazam application include what has always been there, the ability to tag songs, find tour dates, buy tickets for the tour, or get the song from iTunes or Amazon. New features with the latest update are multi-tasking support that allows users to leave the Shazam app to take a call or open iTunes and return to where they left off. There is improved artist information; you can find reviews, discographies and biographies. With the update, you can now share with Facebook and customize your settings for video.

Shazam now has Tag Charts where you can see the most tagged songs. There are tag charts for each country and you can see what people are listening to. Old tag charts exist also so you can see what was popular by month, year and week.

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