What is it?

Spotify is a cloud based music service that's free to use, and allows you access to a huge music library.

How it works

Originally started in the UK, when it first launched in the U.S. Spotify was only accessible if you had a paid account or if you gained an invite from someone with a paid account or from Spotify itself. Since launch it has not partnered with Facebook and for new users to gain access you must have a Facebook account. Once you sign up you download and install the Spotify desktop client. It then gives you access to the vast music library Spotify offers and it also scans your computer for music files, making them easily available next to the streaming music of Spotify. It constantly updates the library and new releases, for the most part, are made available the same time they come out in stores.

Pay to Play
Like most free music services there are advertisements and a listening limit, but if you are willing to pay, also like most other music servies, you can get ride of them and gain access to some other features. Here are the differences:


Why use it?

Unlike some other popular online music services it allows you to design your own play lists and search for songs and play whatever you want at any time. This allows for full customization of a playlist, which is the goal since no one wants to listen to a song they don't like. It also has radio stations similar to Pandora. The stations can be either based on genres or artists. With the genre station the genres are like switches that can be turned on and off so you can add whatever genre you want to listen to at that time to your radio station. The artist radio will just stream similar artists to the one you chose. Also adds your music from iTunes to your spotify Library!


Unlike Pandora and other music services the ads are visual rather than audio so there is no interruption in the music. They're similar to pop-ups, you just exit them and you are able to choose what music you want again.

Cool Features
  • 13,000,000 Tracks to chose from!
  • Twitify Auto-plays tweeted songs. Unfortunately it updates so frequently that you often only get to hear the first minute or so of a song.
Spotify offers many integrations into the technology we use every day making it convenient for us to access a ton of music, including:
  • Computers/Laptops
  • iPod (pre iPod Touch)
  • Mobile Devices(iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablets, etc.)
  • Sonos Wireless Speaker System
  • Logitech Squeezebox Touch (or Radio)
  • latest Onkyo home cinema receivers
  • TeliaSonera digital TV customers
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Safari Web Browser

You are able to connect via Facebook to post what songs your listen to, or to share a song or playlist with friends and family.

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