"Stumble Your Interests"

A discovery engine that allows for users to quickly navigate the web based on things that appeal to them. StumbleUpon gives the user an interface to select anything they want to know about and based on feedback from the other users online gives them websites that have received positive reviews. StumbleUpon finds and recommends web content to its users based on peer-sourcing and social networking principles.

  • StumbleUpon is used primarily as a time-waster for college students,
-it is so addicting that occasionally you can find yourself wasting more time than you planned on.
  • Got friends on Facebook? link up with their interests to make your Stumbles more aimed towards your views
  • Create Stumblegroups and share information with anyone
  • StumbleUpon has six different modes to stumble in including: Photos, Videos, News and other websites.

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