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What Is Swype?
Swype is a new data-based entry system for touch screen smartphones and tablet PCs. To type, you connect letters together using a stylus or your finger and predictive text will make words. One of its founders, Cliff Kushler, created T9. It is similar to the iPhone application, Shapewriter, but is more powerful and robust. Right now, it works for Windows and Windows Mobile and will soon be available for the iPhone. Availability: Swype is available on limited devices but may be coming to a device near you. Check device availability: Swype Check

YouTube Swype Intro Video:

The Swype developmental team is focused on Windows Mobile (smartphones) and also the tablet version of XP and Vista, and Surface. It was also mentioned that the iPhone hardware was great for this method of data-based entry and it may improve the iPhone experience.

Product's Key Features:
  • Over 40 words per minute on touchscreen devices
  • Standard QWERTY layout
  • Use a stylus or finger
  • Ideal for Smartphones and Tablet PCs
  • Multiple languages available
  • Supports common editing actions
  • Patented Single Tap Predictive Text on mobile devices

  • The Swype software is very tightly written with a total memory footprint of under 1 MB
  • 65,000-word language database with an average size of approximately 250K
  • Keep track of your speed using Swype’s built-in statistical tracking.
  • Save time by capitalizing any letter in a word with a simple gesture: just slide from the letter to off the top of the keyboard and the continue entering the rest of the word.
  • Not only can you go fast and be sloppy, in most typical cases, Swype will even correct misspelled words. For example, trace out “freind”, and Swype will automatically generate “friend”

Some pros include the automatic insertions of spaces between words, correction of errors, and a shortcut for writing with a capital letter.

Some possible cons include the typing of double letters. For example, one had trouble writing Mississippi because of the double letters in the word.

Touch Screen Keyboard Graphics:

Basic Keyboard

external image swype.jpg

Advanced keyboard

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