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The future is now: Flying cars come to fruition faster than you think. Terrafugia becomes the fist to produce a "flying car" available to the consumer market, allowing the general public to have access to the world of aviation. The Terrafugia will allow users to travel long and short distances while avoiding traffic and the haslte of airport travel.


The Terrafugia is mostly a plane but is being marked as a recreational vehicle for people who have the specialized Sport Pilot Certification. The vehicle is great for those who don’t want to go out and spend three hundred thousand dollars on a starter plane. You can look at it like this; either you are paying two hundred thousand dollars for a really expensive car or two hundred thousand dollars for a really inexpensive air plane. Terrafugia is also looking to attract many business travelers who would love to skip the security lines and airport hassles. Expectations have been so high that reviews are saying that the Terrafugia is expected to be more reliable than driving a sports car like the Ferrari or Lamborghini.

The Terrafugia can take off or land at any public airport with at least 2,500 ft of runway. On the ground, the Terrafugia can be driven on any road and parked in a standard parking space or household garage. Since it will be certified as a Light Sport Aircraft, the Terrafugia requires at least a Sport Pilot license to fly, which requires a minimum of 20 hours of flight time and passing a simple practical test in the aircraft. You will also need a valid driver's license for use on the ground.

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