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Topic: UMI Telepresence

$599 for the camera, consoles, cables, and remote control.
$24.99/month for unlimited calling

This product allows for friends and family to keep in touch through High Definition video conferencing all from the comfort of ones couch. The setup involves hooking up the Cisco console and camera to a high definition television and controlling it with a remote control. After that, you then purchase a 24.99 monthly service to call and communicate with other people.

System Requirements:
To Operate the Cisco Umi device most things are contained in the average home. All you need is a 1080p HDTV, a minimum of 1.5 Mbps internet connection, an Ethernet and an HDMI cables.

Web Resources:
Cisco Umi Telepresence

telepresence: A set of technologies that offers the feel that they are present in front of other individuals.
high definition: video with a high resolution and a high degree of detail
broadband: a high speed internet connection that allows for data, voice and video delivery.


The UMI Telepresence supports up to 1080p in its video calling function, and up to 720p for recording purposes.
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