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Wireless N, also known as IEEE 802.11n, is the next generation standard for wireless networking. It allows for unprecedented speeds and offers high security and reliability in wireless networking. The speeds will range from 100Mbps to over 200Mbps compared to the current standard, 802.11a/b/g, which allows only for speeds up to 54Mpbs. MIMO ("Multiple In, Multiple Out") technology uses signal reflections that would confuse older wireless technologies, to increase the range and reliability of Wireless-N. With this technology in place, Wireless-N connections span 4 times farther than Wireless-G and -B while also reducing "dead spots" in the network. Furthermore, to protect your data and privacy, your wireless connection is secured by up to 256-bit WPA2 encryption.
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The estimated date of arrival for the new Wireless N standard is July of 2007 although there have been some reports recently that standard may be available in early 2007.

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"Pre-N" Devices:
After the initial announcement of the first draft of wireless N, many manufacturers began selling "pre-n" routers based on the draft standard. Often, they are incompatible with each other and may not function with the final wireless N standard when it is ratified. There have been some reports that in rare instances these pre-N products also cause problems with existing B and G wireless networks.

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